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            Teflon high temperature cloth can be single-sided technology
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            Many people want to use a tape that has anti-corrosion properties, high temperature resistance, and good anti-stick properties. But looking for a lot, the tape on the market is not able to withstand the high temperature, it is not anti-corrosion, or not anti-stick. For this reason, everyone may be bothered. Today I am here to recommend a tape for everyone, this is called Teflon tape. Everyone may know that Teflon high temperature cloth has excellent non-stick properties and good wear resistance, and is widely used in the demoulding industry and machinery industry. However, many users need Teflon high temperature cloth to be bonded with metal or plastic. It is necessary to treat the surface of Teflon high temperature cloth to change the chemical composition of the high temperature cloth surface. Then, after the Teflon high-temperature cloth has been subjected to such a nano-treatment and then coated with a high-temperature resistant glue, the high-temperature cloth does not become the tape that everyone needs. Here we call it Teflon tape.

            Usually we use the sodium naphthalene solution method to treat the Teflon coating on the surface of the Teflon high temperature resistant cloth. The sodium naphthalene solution is mainly a corrosive solvent composed of sodium, naphthalene and other active materials, and can be used with Teflon. The fluorine molecule undergoes a chemical reaction to achieve the desired effect of adhering water to the surface of the high temperature cloth.

            The Teflon high-temperature cloth after single-side sodium can be coated with glue. Because it has viscosity on one side and non-stick on one side, it is widely used in textile printing and dyeing, food processing, packaging and sealing, and bearing industry.

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