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            Application of Teflon tape in the rubber industry
            Release Time:2018-11-20 Hit:152

            Application of Teflon tape in the rubber industry

            (1) Completely demoulding the package, and a large number of low scrap rates;

            (2) Easy demoulding, increasing labor intensity;

            (3) Eliminate the release agent, reduce the cost and environmental purification and avoid affecting the vulcanization and adhesion of the rubber;

            (4) There is no glue on the mold, no need to stop the liquidation of the mold, greatly improving the efficiency of the production, reducing the cost of the mold and power consumption;

            (5) The average light outside the finished product has greatly improved the product grade;

            (6) Teflon coatings have excellent adhesion, are not easy to fall off, and are extremely durable.

            Advantages for shoe molds:

            1. It is easy to remove and avoid the mold sticking with rubber particles;

            2, no need to remove the agent, to avoid affecting the results of the paste and purify the environment;

            3, matte rubber outsole, average color;

            4, reduce the multicolor rubber background color mixing signs;

            5, Phylon (secondary vulcanization) mold does not need to pre-coat soapy water, accelerate the rate of production and reduce purification;

            6, a large number of low scrap rate;

            7, the paint life is up to 4,500 times;

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