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            Explain the tape in our lives
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            In our daily life and in the industry, we use it in tape. Some tapes are used in some industries. Some tapes are used in industry, but they are not limited. Secondary to fix and protect all types of products, and to provide escorts for the journey. Today, I will introduce to everyone the tape used in the top of the daily industry. Tape concept: It consists of two parts: substrate and adhesive. The binder information is mainly hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive and acrylic adhesive. Synthetic rubber, natural rubber, etc.; the substrate has polypropylene film, polyvinyl chloride film, fiber cloth, fiber plastic, sponge, foam, cotton paper and other materials.

            Classification of tape:

            1, according to the substrate: can be divided into Teflon low temperature tape, cloth tape, kraft paper tape, masking tape, fiber tape, PVC tape, PE foam tape.

            2, according to the use of scale: can be divided into warning tape, carpet tape, electrical tape, protective film paper tape, coiled film tape, sealing tape, module tape and so on.

            3, according to the market penetration rate: can be divided into shallow tape, special tape.

            4, according to the application of temperature division can be divided into low temperature tape, room temperature tape, low temperature tape.

            Note on the use of tape:

            1. The tape should be stored in the warehouse to avoid sun and rain; prevent contact with the inorganic solvent of acid and alkali oil, keep clean and dry, and find that the room temperature is between -15 °C and 40 °C.

            2, the tape should be placed in a roll, not folded, and should be flipped once every quarter when the storage time is too long.

            3, do not make the tape snake or creep, to maintain the drag roller, the vertical roller is good, the tension is too much.

            4. When the tape is found to have late damage during use, the cause should be found in real time and repaired to avoid the appearance of adverse effects.

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