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            Precautions for the use of Teflon mesh belt
            Release Time:2018-11-20 Hit:104

            Teflon mesh conveyor belt deviation adjustment method

            (1) Automatic drag roller adjustment: When the mesh belt has a small deviation range, the centering roller can be installed at the deviation of the conveyor belt.

            The black PTFE tape is characterized by its high strength and high temperature resistance, and its normal temperature resistance can reach 260 degrees.

            (2) Appropriate tension adjustment: When the conveyor belt runs away from left to right, the direction is not regular, indicating that the conveyor belt is too loose, and the tensioning device can be properly adjusted to eliminate the deviation.

            (3) One-side vertical roller adjustment: The mesh belt always runs to one side, and several vertical rollers can be installed in the range to reset the tape.

            (4) Adjusting the roller to adjust the deviation: the Teflon mesh belt runs off at the roller, check whether the roller is abnormal or swaying, adjust the drum to the horizontal position to rotate normally, eliminate the deviation, (5) correct the conveyor belt joint deflection; With the deviation always in one direction, and the maximum deviation is at the joint, the conveyor belt joint and the conveyor belt center line can be corrected to eliminate the deviation. The Teflon grid conveyor belt should be stored in the dry condition. Of course, there is a problem in this department that is a manufacturer. However, in the daily process of production, it is necessary to clear and protect the belts on time.

            Above, I will tell everyone about the problems that are easy to ignore everyday.

            1. Avoid electromechanical dampness. When the mesh belt is stored in the open air, there should be rain protection measures. During the storage and handling process, the mesh belt bump should be avoided to prevent the mesh belt from being damaged and the appearance of the mesh belt is kept clean.

            2. The use of Teflon mesh conveyor belt should be kept neat and tidy. There should be no debris in the inlet and outlet. The dust and other debris in the belt and the pipe will be eliminated on schedule, and the capacity for measures to maintain power supply will be sufficient.

            3. According to the premise of use, the bearing should not be replenished or replaced with lubricating grease (the electromechanical closing bearing does not need to change the lubricating grease during the service life) to ensure the superior lubrication of the mesh belt in the running process. Close the bearing and the electromechanical bearing. Refill the 2/3 of the inner and outer rings of the bearing with ZL-3 lithium grease to strictly run out of oil. In order to ensure Enron.

            The PTFE film has the characteristics of low temperature resistance, and its friction coefficient is extremely low, so it can be used as a lubricant for the inner layer of the clean water pipe.

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